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Emergency Communications
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Any transportation organization will agree that passenger safety is of utmost importance in any situation - including public transportation. The Dutch National Railroad’s needed a powerful, compact, portable PA system for to be prepared for any necessary emergency passenger communications.

Recognizing the mission-critical need for communications during emergencies, officials at Netherland Railways sought a portable sound system powerful enough to be heard over a crowd of panic-stricken passengers. They wanted a small, portable system with a strong SPL that was not powered by the train system itself so that it would work independently during emergencies. After seeing a demonstration of the Anchor Audio MiniVox portable PA system, the Netherlands Railway felt it delivered on both counts - according to Eurocase Media Products, audio and security product distributor.

With a successful demonstration, the railway knew the best solution for their audio needs was the Anchor Audio MiniVox portable public address system. The Netherlands Railway purchased over 170 MiniVox Lite packages. Eurocase Media Products and Anchor Audio were happy to be a part of their successful implementation of the units in the public transit stations. With a responsibility to provide fail-safe communications to passengers during times of power outage or other emergency events, the Netherlands Railway outfitted many of their stations and trains with the MiniVox Lite packages. The portable public address systems helped ensure passenger security by providing quick and effective means of directing stranded riders to areas of safety.

“The ample power for its compact size, the fact that users don’t have to hold a megaphone up to their face, and the quality of the sound contributed to Dutch Railways’ decision to purchase more MiniVox portable public address systems,” noted Rob Rutten, manager with Eurocase Media Products. The clear audio, build quality, and sturdiness of the portable sound system also appealed to the railways.

During emergencies, the importance of communication systems is clear. For any client of situation needing audio solutions for emergency preparedness, contact Anchor Audio to personally help you find the best portable sound system for your needs.