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ICESI University Modernizes Classrooms with ViewSonic Technology

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ICESI University Modernizes Classrooms with ViewSonic Technology
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Universidad ICESI is one of the best higher education institutions in Colombia and has been rated as one of the best in Latin America and the world in different rankings. It is particularly distinguished for its work in the industry, international perspective, research and teaching.

Universidad ICESI's professional education offerings include 29 undergraduate programs, 2 doctorates, 35 master's degree programs, 24 medical/surgical specialties and 17 specializations.

In addition, Universidad ICESI has 27 academic departments with a faculty of top academic quality, including 267 professors, with 153 of them having earned or currently pursuing a PhD degree. 


Replace aging projectors that were obsolete and required frequent lamp replacement

Implement new technologies to facilitate teacher performance

Provide students with enhanced technological tools

Belonging to a select group of universities that compete to rank first imposes the responsibility to constantly strengthen its infrastructure and equipment. Because the older projectors that the university was using needed frequent lamp replacements, the technological services division set out to find a better alternative. Under this scenario, they decided to go out and look for the best options offered by the market and approach new solutions that would allow them to optimize their resources, in addition to improving the service for their students.

"We reviewed projectors that would fit in our classroom spaces for several months. Obviously, we assessed price, quality, technology and support, among other variables, and chose ViewSonic, a company with which we had already worked successfully on other projects," said Jorge Eliecer Pineda, Events and New Audiovisual Resources Manager at Universidad ICESI.


Implementation of LS600W and LS610WH projectors, which are specifically designed for educational environments and allow upgrading to a new projection format.

With this project it was easy to supervise, program and manage the projector remotely, facilitating the management of the Technology Department and allowing teachers to handle the devices with ease.

Universidad ICESI initially purchased 50 LS600W projectors. This technology would allow upgrading to a new projection format that is especially designed for educational environments. The response was so good that 100 LS600W and LS610WH projectors were purchased in a second implementation phase.

As Jorge Eliecer Pineda pointed out, one of the great advantages is that the IT manager can supervise, set up and manage the projector remotely, which not only facilitates his job, but also that of the teachers, who find the devices easy to operate.

The LS600W and LS610WH are high brightness WXGA lamp-free projectors designed for educational environments. The sustainable choice to embrace industry-leading LED technology featuring 4,000 ANSI lumens eliminates the need to swap out environmentally toxic mercury lamps, reducing the cost and effort of frequent lamp replacement and lowering the total cost of ownership.

The lamp-free light source offers greater sustainability for a greener environment, while providing a wider color gamut for bright, vivid images in meeting rooms, classrooms or any other environment. These projectors deliver crisp, high-quality, HD resolution images for smooth and engaging presentations at all times.


Accommodation of a more user-friendly technology for teachers.

Enhanced student learning tools.

Extremely positive purchase and implementation experience, which made the University share the initiative with other universities to encourage them to engage in new projects.

According to Universidad ICESI Events and New Audiovisual Resources Manager, Universidad ICESI, the results could not be better. "Both our students and the faculty are enjoying the benefits of these new projectors. Users are satisfied and we have received positive feedback," he said.

The purchase and implementation experience was so good that the University decided to continue changing their equipment and shared this initiative with other universities, with which ViewSonic is already engaged in the process of negotiation and execution of new projects.

In the same way, Jorge Eliecer Pineda positively rated ViewSonic's full support, both in terms of installation and advice on how to use the projectors.