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Optoma Works With Arebyte To Bring To Life "The Evolution of ENT-: QX" By Libby Heaney

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Optoma Works With Arebyte To Bring To Life
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arebyte looked to bring art enthusiasts an immersive experience by British artist Libby Heaney called ‘The Evolution of Ent-: QX, in its London-based gallery space’. Originally commissioned by LAS (Light Art Space) in Berlin, the work takes the central panel of Hieronymus Bosch’s oil painting ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ and reconfigures it using quantum computing.

arebyte Gallery and Libby Heaney wanted to scale down the installation to create a more intimate space, making it feel like you are truly surrounded by the artwork. By building an immersive room, rather than setting up virtual reality, it avoids the theme of big tech framework that surrounds quantum computing, something that the artist was keen to convey. All of this was needed in order to create the big wow factor immersive experience that the artist intended.ZH406ST.


Having reached out to Optoma, gallery curator Rebecca Edwards attended Optoma’s 2022 Artist’s Day and was introduced to Optoma’s technology and ProDesign Service, with Optoma’s immersive laser projectors catching the eye.

Recognising an opportunity to collaborate, the ProDesign technical team worked with the art organisation, offering technical advice, and creating designs for the installation process. The team recommended laser projectors for their crisp image and colour reproduction, and with such an intimate space, a small form factor and 360º projection both became key to the project. With these points in mind Optoma offered the ZU500USTe, an ultra-short-throw projector and ZH406ST short throw projector. Using these projectors and with the detailed plan of knowing where to mount and position them, the gallery’s technical team were able to install the projectors and avoid shadows, while also maintaining the high-quality visuals that were required for the exhibition.


On the 27th of May 2022, arebyte Gallery opened the doors to this artistic immersive experience. Visitors were treated to a stunning exhibition that probed the many futures of powerful new quantum computing systems.

Rebecca Edwards, the Curator at arebyte Gallery commented “It was interesting to see how the projectors that were used cope with light and dark scenarios. The strength of the image and pixel quality is really good. This was something that was key for Libby the artist, to have crisp, lifelike images that still keeps the otherworldly feel to it them”.

“By having this immersive space, you can really feel the base of the music and a real shift in your body as you experience the transitions within the work.”

Rebecca added “the floor projection was a first for the gallery and adds to the whole experience as a singular person or in a group. It really helps you feel situated in the work, which is particularly great about having this as an immersive experience.”