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Sacred Hearts Recoleta School Embraces ViewSonic Technology for More Engaging Learning Environments

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Sacred Hearts Recoleta School Embraces ViewSonic Technology for More Engaging Learning Environments
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Founded in 1893, the Sacred Hearts Recoleta School boasts over 130 years of delivering quality education grounded in Christian values and civic responsibility. Serving both Peru and the wider world, the school offers a comprehensive curriculum spanning four levels: Beginner, Primary, Secondary, and International Baccalaureate.

Guided by the motto “God-Homeland-Family,” Sacred Hearts Recoleta views its education as a form of evangelization, entrusted by the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts. This mission centers on fostering well-rounded individuals who embody the spirit of Jesus through “contemplation, living, and announcing the redemptive love of God.”

Beyond academic excellence, Sacred Hearts Recoleta emphasizes character development, nurturing critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and compassionate leaders committed to the common good. The school strives to provide an education “from Peru and for Peru,” aiming to build a more just, humane, and fraternal world.


  • The pandemic magnified and accelerated the need for interactive technologies

  • Teachers’ perceived uneasiness and difficulties when adapting to new technologies

  • The constant updates needed when acquiring new technologies

Sacred Hearts Recoleta has always embraced technology to enhance learning, but the pandemic accelerated the need for digital tools. The school sought a solution that would seamlessly integrate technology into the classroom without sacrificing human interaction.


  • Implementation of 59 ViewBoard interactive displays

  • myViewBoard educational software

Sacred Hearts Recoleta partnered with education solution provider Edulink Perú SAC, and display technology leader ViewSonic, to upgrade its classrooms with interactive technology. After careful consideration, the school opted for 59 ViewSonic® ViewBoard® IFP7552 and IFP7550 interactive displays – 75-inch, 4K touchscreens equipped with user-friendly myViewBoard® software. These screens were distributed across all grade levels, with 30 in primary school and 29 in secondary and high school, impacting over 1,580 students.

“Investing in innovative education has always been a priority for us,” said Miguel Grández, Head of IT at Sacred Hearts Recoleta. “We tried interactive displays from other brands, but none met our expectations. ViewSonic’s solution, with its intuitive myViewBoard software and excellent support, stood out. It’s like having a traditional whiteboard, but with the power of technology.”

This upgrade marks a significant step forward for Sacred Hearts Recoleta, enabling more engaging and practical learning experiences for all students.


  • Increased student engagement and active learning

  • Easy-to-learn and easy-to-use technologies for both teachers and students

  • Improved learning environments

  • Updating of the classrooms to be at the forefront of technology

Sacred Hearts Recoleta School has embraced its ViewBoard interactive displays, boosting student participation and igniting a love for learning across all grade levels. These displays have become a game-changer, fostering active learning and motivating both students and teachers to develop their skills.

“Children are especially thrilled with the increased interaction,” said Iris Breña, Assistant Director of Early Childhood and Elementary Education. “To encourage even more creativity, we’re running a contest where teachers showcase their innovative uses of the ViewBoard displays and myViewBoard tools.”

The positive impact on classrooms has been undeniable. The school leadership is now considering expanding their use of ViewSonic technology to art, music, and other subject areas.

“Our experience with ViewSonic has been fantastic,” concluded Milagros Díaz, Deputy Director of Secondary and PDIB. “We’re exploring ways to equip all our classrooms with ViewBoard interactive displays, bringing this powerful technology to every learning environment.”