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Upgrades Wireless Handheld Mic & Hands-Free Transmitter
Posted on Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Upgrades Wireless Handheld Mic & Hands-Free Transmitter

Califone announced upgrades to its two wireless microphones. Both the handheld wireless mic (Q-316) and hands-free M-316 beltpack transmitter have redesigned channel selector buttons and now include a screen so users can read which channel has been selected.

The M-316 also includes two power settings to tailor the output to the environment where the audio amplification is being used. The lower setting is for transmitting audio up to 50’ within smaller, enclosed rooms. It’s designed to help prevent interference if there are neighboring PA systems being used in the same building. The higher power level ensures your message will be heard in outdoor settings, gyms or auditoriums where the receiving PA is 50-150’ from the M-316.

Both mics are compatible with the entire line of Califone UHF speakers, meaning that either mic could also be used to transmit to more than one speaker at a time (when set to the same wireless channel). This also helps stretch budgets and avoids the need for a dedicated mic for each speaker.

For permanently mounted indoor installations where the convenience and mobility of a wireless mic is preferred, the M-316 or Q-316 are often used with either the PresentationPro™ or the Array speaker. For outdoor messaging or in larger interior spaces, the wireless mics can also be used with the more powerful UHF PAs like the PowerPro™ or PowerPro SD, FreedomPro™, or the Lectern.