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The ELPMB76 Projector Stacking Frame delivers a robust and flexible stacking solution. Offering a cost-effective way to dramatically increase displayed image brightness and add redundancy.
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Essential Technology: The Tool Every Modern Classroom Needs
Posted on Thursday, March 21, 2024
Essential Technology: The Tool Every Modern Classroom Needs

March 21, 2024 - Teachers rely on a variety of tools in the classroom, but the ones that are most valued have several things in common. They make teaching easier for the educator and more engaging for the students. They’re easy to use, reliable and non-intrusive. They offer multiple ways to enhance lessons. Best of all, their capabilities grow as technology advances, offering infinite teaching possibilities.

One tool that checks all of these boxes is the modern classroom projector. Teachers increasingly rely on these laser projectors to drive engagement and enrich the educational process.

Engaging students across all levels

Laser projectors create big and bright displays that captivate students’ attention and keep them engaged. The immersive technology helps students tap into the lesson from any position in the classroom. Teachers for every grade and subject use projectors to instruct in innovative and relevant ways.

From the middle school teacher who relies on the large display to ensure every student in the room can see the live demonstration of an art project to the science teacher who uses the projector to manage the daily workflow, educators create immersive experiences for relevant learning that sticks.

Simplifying complexity

Technology enhances the classroom environment — as long as it works. Teachers already have tight schedules and can’t afford disruptions during a lesson. Although seasoned teachers can pivot when needed, unforeseen hitches waste valuable classroom time.

Fortunately, technologies like today’s laser projectors are engineered for reliability and easy to use. Teachers can count on virtually seamless class sessions knowing they won’t have to replace lamps or bulbs and their projector has a long light source life. Plus, there’s wireless connectivity for easy screen casting and software that can help diagnose or notify of any problems.

Adding value without distraction

Tools in a classroom work best if they add, not detract, from the learning environment. Today’s classroom projectors use lasers instead of lamps, which makes them significantly cooler than projectors of the past.

They’re quiet, so they don’t distract the class because of excessive noise or heat. And they’re also compact — a bonus when they’re moved to operate in multiple rooms.

Additionally, when projectors are not in use, they don’t take up valuable wall space. Instead of losing a wall to distracting objects attached to it, teachers get their whiteboard or wall space back as soon as the projector is turned off. All of these factors make modern laser projectors a welcome addition to the classroom.

Versatile capabilities

Teachers typically work in tight classroom spaces and want equipment that offers the most flexibility. With projectors you have options – if you need flexibility for mobility, you can choose projector models that are lightweight and compact for easy moving to other locations or to set on a cart. With flexible seating and modular furniture in classrooms and floating teachers in the building, being able to easily move projectors allows teachers to deliver lessons wherever they need to be.

In addition to the variety of ways projectors can display educational materials, they can also bring the world into the classroom through multiple avenues.

When connected to the Internet and using apps, they can give a close-up view of the Egyptian pyramids through Google Maps, bring news programs to the forefront for class discussions, reinforce lessons with YouTube videos and create a sense of calm with background music from Spotify or ambience visuals, such as a fireplace. Projectors help teachers enhance their creativity and flexibility in developing memorable lessons.

Looking ahead

Technology changes swiftly. Educators need technology that advances with the times. Modern laser projectors have evolved and continue to do so. Teachers are exploring exciting concepts with projectors including digital signage, immersive rooms and serenity spaces. Today’s laser projectors will help teachers continue to be at the forefront of education tomorrow. 

Modern laser projectors are an essential part of the 21st century learning experience. And as technology continues to be integrated into schools, modern projectors deliver immersive experiences that can amplify engaging education and leverage strong outcomes for all students.

Discover how Epson laser projectors can accelerate classroom teaching and learning. Visit Epson.com/education