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LG Electronics USA Showcases Breadth of Commercial Display Solutions at Infocomm 2011
Posted on Monday, June 13, 2011

From Award-Winning Signage Solutions to Touch Screens, 3D Displays, Multipurpose Projectors and More, LG?s Portfolio Delivers Innovative and Attractiv

ORLANDO, June 13, 2011 – LG Electronics USA is aggressively meeting the challenging requirements of varied digital out-of-home vertical markets with its expanded line of digital display solutions demonstrated at the InfoComm 2011 trade show that begins here today. In its sprawling booth (2543), LG also is unveiling its new EzSign TV, an innovative out-of-the-box digital signage system that includes live TV, and its next-generation Network Monitor for flexible PC-over-IP zero client virtual computing for educational, healthcare and corporate applications (see separate releases).
“LG’s broad technology portfolio is designed to create an interactive and engaging experience that provides real business value through improved customer interactions,” said Y.K. Cho, senior vice president, Commercial Displays, LG Electronics USA. “With our 3D, touch and turnkey solutions, LG has created a robust product line that is as intuitive and user-friendly as it is effective.”
Demonstrating the depth of its commercial solutions, LG is featuring its latest technologies representing a variety of product categories, including: LG Cinema 3D displays, LED HD monitors, large screen LCD HD monitors, stretch screen HD monitors, interactive touch screen displays, LCD HDTVs, IPS and LED desktop monitors, video conferencing systems, multipurpose HD projectors, dynamic media players, network attached storage, optical disk drives and digital signage solutions.
LG Cinema 3D in a Sleek LED HDTV
LG Cinema 3D LED displays offer a truly cinematic 3D experience with the brightness and picture clarity of LED backlighting. This week, LG is providing a sneak peek of its new commercial-grade passive 3D LED HDTV, featuring the next generation of 3D display based on LG’s “FPR” 3D technology. Unlike most consumer 3D products that use clunky and expensive active-shutter 3D glasses, LG’s 3D solutions use comfortable and trendy polarized eyewear, similar to that used in movie theaters. Since 3D content can be transmitted over an existing RF or IP infrastructure, there is no need for structural retrofits or special head-end installations, making it easy for integrators to equip any environment with the latest LG 3D-capable devices.
Display Sizes for Every Environment
LG’s dynamic commercial display lineup includes flat panels in a variety of sizes for all information-sharing and advertising needs, spanning 23- to 72-inch class sizes (23.0-inches measured diagonally and 71.5-inches measured diagonally). For large and impactful installations such as hotel lobbies and interactive airport displays, LG is exhibiting a 3x3 matrix LED video wall comprised of nine 47-inch class 47WV30 LED monitors (46.9-inches measured diagonally). Each monitor has a super narrow frame measuring 6.3mm thin bezel to bezel, providing a nearly seamless display for a more expansive picture that can be successfully integrated into virtually any environment.
Engaging, Interactive Touch Screens
Through collaborations with Horizon Display, Kristel and Tech Global, LG’s touch-screen displays engage passers-by in new ways. From directions in a hotel lobby to navigating the latest news on campus, touch-screens make it simple to communicate. LG is displaying touch screens this week in 32-inch (31.5-inches measured diagonally), 47-inch (46.9-inches measured diagonally) and 52-inch diagonal class sizes.
LG Makes It Simple with SuperSign
LG’s award-winning, innovative SuperSign Premier-s is an all-in-one signage solution for small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs). The hardware package consists of an LG flat panel display (model M4214C), monitor stand, a Peerless® ST650 wall mount and the LG NC2000 media player which provides access to content management software. Embedded into the solution are more than 50 templates, 100 stock photography images, 14 different CNN image-based newsfeeds, weather feeds and access to four Certified Content Partners (CCPs). This hardware, software and content combination makes it simple for SMBs to get up and running in as little as 30-minutes and for their playlists to stay fresh and relevant. SuperSign Premier’s SaaS cloud-based computing model allows SMBs to update, edit and change their messaging from anywhere in the world via the Internet.
LG's SuperSign Elite-s is a hardware and software platform designed for system integrators who engineer and build customized solutions for their customers. This solution is compatible with select LG displays in combination with either the NC1000 stand alone or NC2000 integrated media players. When connected to a display, the media player enables integrators or end-users to create dynamic content using pre-loaded templates for information sharing or displaying video segments in Full HD. The intuitive and user-friendly management software allows for quick navigation through menus to control networked displays, and to simultaneously run media files, such as video, images, audio and Flash.
Versatile Projectors, Innovative Demonstrations
Demonstrating the adaptability of its commercial projectors, LG is exhibiting innovative game room and educational installations. Using a technique called “edge blending,” LG is aligning three HW300Y LED projectors to propel a uniform image across a curved screen. LG is also exhibiting a concept solution that combines the BW286 XGA DLP® short-throw projector with the Smart Board and Smart Pen duo showcasing an interactive classroom-of-the-future installation.
Advanced Video Conferencing Systems
LG’s premium video conferencing systems (VCS) are complete solutions that are easy to use and install. LG is introducing two need VCS models this week; the V5500 is a multipoint system capable of connecting up to 4 remote locations, and the V5000 is a one-to-one system connecting two locations. Advanced features of these systems include user presence identification, one-touch dialing and simple camera angle switching. Compatibility with various external media devices and software applications enable VCS users to connect different types of displays, including televisions, desktop monitors and projectors.
Technical specifications and details for all LG commercial solutions on display at InfoComm can be found on LG’s Website at www.LGsolutions.com.