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Nigel B. Design, Inc.

Our Company has a long history of helping customers, providing solutions that other companies cannot. As you go through our Showroom you will see our extensive range of Anti-Vibration solutions and AV Products that are continually recommended by different companies including Sony, Panasonic,Vaddio, and Canon. All our Products are uniquely designed and manufactured in the USA.

Model: NB-UIM-W-52

It is white anti-vibration isolating projector mount for weights between 33-52 lbs.
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Energy Star Approval of the Nigel B Design Amplifiers
Posted on Friday, February 4, 2011


All our Amplifiers have recently been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy allowing us to advertise and display that they are Energy Star qualified; meeting the strict energy efficiency guidelines they have set for Version 2 Commercial Applications.  
For those that want to take advantage of the LEED program requirements that dictate the use of Energy Saving products now have the opportunity of offering our Amplifiers on the projects they are working on.
Nigel B Design Amplifiers are readily available to Dealers and Installers in the USA and Canada from our Distributors Starin Marketing www.starin.biz or Stampede www.stampedeglobal.com   
A complete list of our Energy Efficient Amplifiers can also be found on www.nigelbdesign.com web site