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Nigel B. Design, Inc.

Our Company has a long history of helping customers, providing solutions that other companies cannot. As you go through our Showroom you will see our extensive range of Anti-Vibration solutions and AV Products that are continually recommended by different companies including Sony, Panasonic,Vaddio, and Canon. All our Products are uniquely designed and manufactured in the USA.

Model: NB-AVCB-W

The NB-AVCB-W is a anti-vibration multi-camera bracket allows any camera to be placed anywhere in a room.
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Posted on Monday, February 14, 2011

Many Projector owners that are plagued by vibration from external sources that result in degradation of the picture quality, will be pleased to learn there is now a cost effective solution that is both easy and quick to install in either Retro-fit or new installations.

Efforts to date have tried many solutions to minimize these vibration problems without finding a proper cure. These solutions have relied on using Foam and Rubber Matting and Springs to even trying Anti-vibration Compression Mounts. As any Vibration Engineer will confirm, using these different compression methods are not effective enough and often cause the vibration generated to pass through the mounting method employed.
Nigel B Design has taken a leaf from applications used by both the Military and NASA, in producing Anti Vibration Mounts that are deceptively simple in design but totally effective in isolating the transmission of Vibration. Our Anti Vibration Mounts are suitable for any hanging applications, being specially effective for Pole or Cable Projectors that are suspended from a Ceiling fixture.
Shipping now through our Network of Dealers in the USA and Canada.
Suggested List Price about $299.95.
Attached is a Hi Res tiff for you to use. For additional photographs and Information, feel free to contact the Inventor of these remarkable made in the USA products at:
nigel@nigelbdesign.com or Telephone (818)487-9323
Date: Feb 14, 2011